Healthy People

One of the major reasons for maintaining the health of the land is of course so that the people who derive their sustenance and livelihoods from it can be healthy also. The modern way of life has created an unhealthy aspect to the way we eat, drink and live and many people are in need of weight loss solutions to counter not only their bad eating habits but also the very make up of the food they are eating. This comes partly from the land that produces that food, while the bulk is made up of the unhealthy ingredients that the industry adds for all kinds of reasons, few of them intended for the benefit of the consumer and most of them for the benefit of the industry.

This article turns its focus to the food industry and the way in which it has taken it upon itself to change the way in which we eat to suit its business needs, which in a nutshell means profits.

The Profits of Sin

Take a walk down the aisles of your local supermarket or food store and look at all the different kinds of meals, meal ingredients and tempting items that line the shelves. There are literally hundreds of them and they are, often packed in brightly colored packaging designed to be eye catching and tempt the shopper to pick them up and put them in their basket. They will often carry the words "healthy" or "natural" but a closer look at the list of ingredients that they are forced to print in small lettering on the packaging will tell a different story. They may contain some healthy or natural ingredients, which gets them around any claims of false advertising, but these will be accompanied by an eye watering array of "E" numbers, artificial additives, sweeteners, bulking agents, preservatives and sometimes colorants indicating the unhealthy aspect of what's inside.

Many processed meals and food items will contain trans fats and monosodium glutamate (MSG) which together create a highly flavorsome and nicely textured meal or food item that it both attractive and addictive to unwary shoppers. How many people really know what MSG does to you? How many people realize the health dangers of eating too much food containing trans fats? How many people even read those darn labels in the first place?

Not many, you can be pretty sure of that!

It all creates a sense of false security in shoppers who place their trust in a food industry that is not the slightest bit interested in their welfare, only on building on their profit margins and satisfying shareholders by posting big end of year profits!

Will Consumers Wise Up?

So far, the number of consumers that have wised up to the way in which the food industry has been slowly poisoning them is relatively low. So low in fact as to create no problems for the industry. Most people just don't seem to care and carry on as if nothing is wrong. They don't correlate the rise in obesity, cases of diabetes, asthma, cancer and a whole host of illnesses and even mental conditions such as depression with the rise in the amount and diversity of additives in the processed foods they are buying. They should, but they don't.

They will carry on buying processed, easy cook or ready to eat meals from the supermarket shelves because they are time saving and easy. People are forgetting how to cook because they don't have to. Why bother spending an hour in the kitchen preparing a nice home cooked meal when you can just as easily grab a meal-in-a-box from the fridge, put it in the microwave for two minutes or so and have a steaming hot and tasty meal on the table without all that effort?

Why indeed.

People are forgetting what a good, home cooked meal even tastes like. They have become so used to the flavor of MSG enhanced meals, snacks and desserts that they don't give it a second thought. Taking the easy way out is the way they want to live and they have doctors to take care of them when they get sick. Great!

The Healthy Solution

This is really only for people who care enough about their health and the health of their children enough to want to put a little extra effort into living their lives in a more healthy way. If you are happy feeding packet poison to your kids because it saves you time, don't bother even reading these proceeding paragraphs.

The healthy solution lies in using real food to make meals from. Real food doesn't come in a box or a foil or plastic wrapper. I'm talking about real vegetables that come out of the ground and that make your hands dirty when you pick them up. They have to be bought without packaging on them, although some supermarkets have wised up to this angle and often pre-pack their vegetables in amounts designed to make sure shoppers buy more than they really need. Yes it creates more waste, but hey, the supermarket needs to keep their profits high too!

But getting back to reality, you buy vegetables, take them home and wash them, peel them and prepare them for cooking in a pot, steamer, wok (if you like stir fry, which is also health when done right) or prep them for the oven in a casserole etc. You can also add fresh cuts of meat or not if you are vegetarian or vegan, it's your choice. There is fish if you eat it or you can go with tofu, mushrooms or other alternatives to meat. What you do is really cook the food using recipes or experience (which is a rapidly becoming rarity in the kitchen) and serve up meals that taste tons better than anything you can buy in a box and is tons healthier for you because there are zero nasty additives in there.

You can go one step further and in fact you should, by buying organic produce where possible. There is a good reason for this and is explained in some way in our previous article on the health of the land which covers organic farming, so no need to repeat it here. Suffice it to say that organic food is free from the residues of the cocktail of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides as well as artificial fertilizers that are routinely sprayed onto intensively farmed crops, which unfortunately make up the vast majority of all the fruits and vegetables that you will find in the stores.

People can be healthy if only they would pay closer attention to what they were eating and drinking. If they cut out all the processed foods, flavored drinks such as soda and switched to home cooked meals and plain water, they would notice a huge change in their health over time as their bodies throw off all the toxins that have built up through eating and drinking all the wrong things for so long. You don't have to become a total food freak and never again enjoy a cookie or a slice of pie, but you can keep those temptations to the barest minimum and enjoy them as occasional treats instead of being staples. By working with nature and not against her, all will benefit in so many ways.

The health system will thank you for making the change and you may even put a few doctors out of work because they will have much less to do! Healthy people make for a healthy nation and one that can prosper because its population is taking less time off work through illness and maintaining a better, more positive mental state because they are healthier and ergo happier!