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Below you will find a useful list of report titles and their reference information should you wish to research this topic further under your own steam.

Reports Relating to Livestock Grazing on Public Lands

Grazing Lease Arrangements Of Bureau Of Land Management Permittees, GAO/RCED-86-168BR, MAY 1986

Some Riparian Areas Restored But Widespread Improvement Will Be Slow, GAO/RCED-88-105, JUNE 1988

More Emphasis Needed On Declining And Overstocked Grazing Allotments, GAO/RCED-88-80, JUNE 1988

Management Of Public Rangelands By The Bureau Of Land Management, GAO/RCED-88-58, AUGUST 1988

Public Land Management: Attention to Wildlife is Limited, GAO/RECE-91-64, MARCH 1991

Current Formula Keeps Grazing Fees Low, GAO/RCED-91-185BR, JUNE 1991

Comparison Of Rangeland Condition Reports, GAO/RCED-91-191, JULY 1991

BLM'S Hot Desert Grazing Program Merits Reconsideration, GAO/RCED-92-12, NOVEMBER 1991

Assessment Of Nevada Consulting Firm's Critique Of Three GAO Reports, GAO/RCED-92-178R, MAY 1992

Profile Of The Bureau Of Land Management's Grazing Allotments And Permits, GAO/RCED-92-213FS, JUNE 1992

Effects Of Wilderness Designation On Economy And Grazing In Utah, GAO/RCED-93-11, DECEMBER 1992

BLM'S Range Improvement Project Data Base Is Incomplete And Inaccurate, GAO/RCED-93-92, APRIL 1993

Profile Of The Forest Service's Grazing Allotments And Permittees, GAO/RCED-93-141FS, APRIL 1993

Large Grazing Permits, GAO/RCED-93-190R, JUNE 1993

Efforts To Protect Livestock From Predators, GAO/RCED-96-3, OCTOBER 1995

Wildlife Management: Issues Concerning the Management of Bison and Elk Herds in Yellowstone National Park, GAO/T-RCED-97-200, JULY 1997


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The University of Arizona, in Tucson, has a website dedicated to providing technical information and management tools to promote sustainable ranching at

Information about the relatively insignificant contribution livestock grazing on public lands makes to the national economy can be obtained from the USDA's
National Agricultural Statistics Service.