The Health of the Land

Healthy Land, Healthy People

On a related topic, this website is broadening its horizons to look at the health of the land itself from the point of view of the Average Joe consumer on the outside looking in at the commercial farmer on the inside. This naturally follows on from the way grazing is affecting huge areas of public as well as private land as farming is big business. You can be sure that where there is a lot of money involved, nature gets shoved to one side. There are many aspects to modern farming methods that are not in keeping with the way in which nature works and some of the problems that are associated with that need to be addressed.

While we don't claim to have all the answers, we certainly can take what we do know and understand about the health image that we see of the land and put it into coherent articles for information and perhaps even enlightenment of visitors reading this site. Several articles are in the pipeline on this subject which will enable this website to branch out a little while still keeping its core subject matter as its all related in the end.

Caring For the Environment

We hear so much nowadays about how we should all be caring more about the environment and being more aware of the consequences of our actions, yet while the message is pretty clear, it seems that it is falling on way too many deaf ears. Maybe the few who dare to create new calm confidence and have the right mindset over concerns for the welfare of our environment are doing the right thing, but the uncaring majority seem to be just as happy to do nothing and leave it to the few who really care.

There are plenty of good reasons for people to try and order their lives rightly and that includes getting into green issues on the environment and the natural world that supports us and gives us the life that we have come to enjoy and in far too many cases take for granted. Just becoming more aware of what is going on around us, we can learn to understand what we need to be doing more of in order to help preserve nature's balance and the environment that supports it.

Many of us are often searching for a better way to live and looking for ways in which to improve the health of the land we line on and in turn the health of the physical bodies that we inhabit. We seek wellness solutions at every turn yet are reluctant to give our time and energy to improving that of the land. We still take it for granted that when we put out the trash, it is gone the next day and we have no more to do with it.

But we do! You only have to go see a landfill site to bring it home to you just how bad that circumstance is. But you can change that by changing the way you view the world that you live in. Essentially, you can create a new you simply by becoming more environmentally aware and putting into practice a right way of living and of dealing with issues that not only affect you personally but also affect your community and your country.

Maybe it should be part of the education of all kids that they pay a visit to a huge landfill site and see how their parents are ignorantly destroying huge areas of land and polluting it with their ill thought out trash. Maybe it is something that should be shown on educational programs on local TV stations or even nationally. TV is a powerful medium for selling ideas as well as merchandise, so why not use it to teach people that their actions do have an effect on the whole world, no matter how small. One person's trash might not make much of a difference, but a million people's trash combined makes a huge difference!

Then we have the issue of our country's population growing in both numbers and (more worryingly) in girth thanks to a reluctance to monitor their health and fitness levels while all the time consuming so much junk food. But what exacerbates the problem for our population is that all that excess food is packaged in so much plastic based packaging which gets dumped, guess where? Yep, in land fill sites!

Maybe our kids have a better handle on how our planet should be treated than we do. And the hope is that they will come up with better ways to treat it than we ever have. We can only hope that future generations will be more in tune with the environment and better understand and be willing to work with nature to produce a healthier environment where healthy people can live and enjoy the amazing harvest that they sow on this wonderful planet that gives us a safe and wondrous home.

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